A Good Day

I love days like today.

First, work was wonderful.  It was a pretty busy day and most of the customers seemed to be in a good mood:)  What made work even better though were my co-workers.  I work with some pretty amazing people.  There were a lot of laughs today and a lot of forcing each other to dance.  I was very willing to dance though of course:)

After work I came home, had some fruit and then proceeded to work on my guns <—-sorry about that!  It was a great workout thanks to Katy Perry radio on Pandora and the increases in my weight for bicep curls I was able to do today:)  Gotta love that!

[a little background] I have been very into fitness for about 3 years now.  I’ve enjoyed lots of running, circuit training, a lot of bodyrock, hot y0ga, and pilates, with some random weight training thrown in as well.  I’ve had great results from all of these things but what I was really looking for was to gain/build more muscle.  So for the past several months I focused on more weight training.  But guess what?!?! I still was not getting the results I wanted.  For one I wasn’t eating enough (more on that at another time!)  but also I was doing a lot of cardio. Mostly jump rope and HIIT with a few runs a week.   Why was I doing that?  To be honest I was very afraid of cutting out cardio because I thought I would blow up like a balloon.  That’s just me being crazy since I know that wouldn’t happen but I was still scared.  But I finally did it! One month ago today actually I switched up my workouts to all heavy weight training and cardio only once a week.  That cardio being no more than 20 to 30 minutes of a mix of jogging and sprinting.  Let me just say WHY DIDN’T I DO THIS SOONER!! I’m not only seeing results I’m also feeling sooo much more confident.  Lifting just makes me happy:)

Post workout plain greek yogurt, vega protein powder, chia, berries, and banana

Anyway, sorry for that long paragraph, but if you are reading this and you are wanting to really build muscle I would suggest cutting out most of the cardio if you haven’t already!!  It’s so worth it:)  It’s been working for me anyway!

Of interest:  So many reasons not to buy pre-packaged/processed foods:  http://health.yahoo.net/experts/eatthis/8-ingredients-you-never-want-see-nutrition-label

Question:  What made you’re day great today?


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