Over the Weekend

It’s Monday again!  How was everyone’s weekend.  Mine was mostly pretty dang awesome. Only one minor issue which I will get to in a moment.

First the highlights.

Friday night I hung out with 2 of my sisters Carolyn and Shannon!! We watched the Katy Perry movie together, painted our fingernails, and ate parfaits that I made as dessert.  We all really loved the movie.  Katy Perry seems like a fun person.   The main theme of the movie was to ALWAYS BE YOURSELF!!  This was a great reminder for me as I am still trying to find my groove in blogging.  Too many times I try to change the way I write to be like someone else.  Why do I do that? I’m not sure.  But I’m gonna quit that. Starting now!

Parfaits: greek yogurt, coconut almond crust, strawberries, and a mix of Almond and sunflower seed butter:)

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing for the most part with my man which is always a good time.  At one point we decided to go out for eat.    We had wanted to ride our bikes to the restaurant but it started raining for the first time in months right when we wanted to go!  So this is where I went a little crazy.  So for the last last few months I’ve made some huge strides in getting over some bad habits when it comes to eating out.  For probably 2 years I would get really stressed when we would go out to eat for the following reasons:

  • not knowing exactly how many calories were in the food
  • not knowing all the ingredients
  • not letting myself order exactly what I wanted

It was a bad place for me because it made what should be a fun dining experience a terrible one.  It put me in a bad mood and I would get mad at Dom for no reason.  Lucky for me he is very patient and understanding.  Anyway, like I said I’ve been doing really well at not stressing and just enjoying being in the moment and enjoying some delicious food with my husband.  This time when we went out to eat though all of the negative thoughts came back and I had a mini breakdown.  I think the reasons were because I had never been to the restaurant before (Fuddruckers) so I didn’t really know what to expect.  I felt awful.  I was mad at myself for having these feelings again when I had been doing so great for awhile.  But ya know what I got over it and had a great lunch.  It really helped telling Dom exactly what was bothering me.  Once I voiced my worries and frustrations I knew I sounded silly.  I have a bad habit of keeping things bottled up but it always helps when I just let it out.  I’m happy I got over it because I had a delicious meal. I ended up getting the ostrich burger.  I had it w/o the bun with lots of veggies including grilled onions:) Yum.  I had never tried ostrich before but apparently it is much leaner than beef and even chicken. And guess what? It tastes great.  Very comparable to beef. Who woulda thought?

Sorry for such a wordy, hopefully you stuck with me on it!


Do you like Katy Perry?

Can you relate to my eating out fears?


DIY Weekend

I have some things to share today that I am pretty excited about.

First of all, the mister has been getting really into riding his bike lately (mostly for the sake of trying to break a world record:).  Anyway, the bike he’s been riding wasn’t all that great.  It’s one he found near a dumpster and fixed up which is pretty cool but he was very much in need of a new bike if there was any chance of him increasing his speed. So Friday he got a new bike as an early birthday gift:)  He loves it and that makes me happy.  Going on bike rides with him also makes me happy which we did a couple times this weekend.

His and hers bicycles

Saturday was pretty cool too.  I got crafty after seeing this post.   I work out from home which I prefer most of the time, but sometimes you got to get creative when you don’t have a lot of money to spend on new workout equipment:)  Needless to say I’m very grateful I saw the freckled lifters post!

So after a quick trip to Home Depot and some help from Dom, I now have my own squat rack which I’m excited to use for leg day tomorrow.  I think it will really help me improve my squat form and help me increase my weight.  It’s not much to look at but it works for now!

Moving on.

I love jam.  I don’t love all the added sugar that is in jam.  It’s so unnecessary. Needless to say I haven’t had jam in awhile.  But my no jam days are now over!!  I have been hearing that one can use chia seeds to make jam but I had never tried it before until yesterday.  I am in love.  I made a small batch of  strawberry lime jam and have enjoyed it on protein pancakes as well as in my oatmeal this morning mixed with sunflower seed butter.  MMM, delicious.

So here is the recipe:

Strawberry Lime Chia Jam

Servings 12

Serving size 1 tablespoon


  • 1/4 cup fresh squeezed lime juice (about 2 limes)
  • 1 cup sliced fresh strawberries
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • 5 drops of stevia (I used vanilla)


1.  Place juice and strawberries in small saucepan, bring to a boil.

2.  Mash up the berries and turn down heat.  Let simmer for about 10 minutes.

3.  Mix in chia seeds and stevia and let cool.

So yummy over pumpkin pancakes with peanut flour sauce (3 tablespoons peanut flour, a pinch of salt and stevia, and almond milk)

Here is a comparison of the nutrition info of this jam and an average strawberry jam from the store:

Store Bought (1 tablespoon)                                             My Jam (1 tablespoon)

Calories:  50                                                                                 Calories: 10

Carbs:  13                                                                                        Carbs:  2

Sugars:  12                                                                                      Sugars:  1    

Those are some stats I’m pretty excited about.

Well that’s all for the day.  I hope you try out the jam.  I promise it’s so yummy.


Back to Real Life

Hey hey! How is everyone doing?

Waiting for our lunch:)

To be honest, I wish it was the weekend still!  As I mentioned before, Dom took yesterday off so we could have a long weekend and spend the day together:)  It was so great.  Our weekend was a great mix of yummy food, relaxing,  clothes shopping for me, Barnes and Noble shopping for him, and laughing.   I’m so grateful for this past weekend.  It was exactly what I’ve been needing. Some quality time with the husband and a break from the usual routine:)

Red Chicken Curry

Extra veggies instead of white rice for my side

Anyway, moving on to today.  It’s been a busy one full of taking care of  laundry, cleaning, and grocery shopping that I neglected over the weekend.  But before all that I had a great leg and abs workout that I would like to share with you.

Shaky legs Workout

Exercise                                                                   Sets             Reps

Narrow stance squats                                              4                     10


*Bulgarian split squats                                             4                     10/leg

*Genie press with dumbell                                     4                      10


*Lunges                                                                         4                       10

*Bridge butt lift-1 leg elevated                            4                        12/leg

Bent knee deadlift                                                    4                        6


Wall sit w/ raised calves and dumbell            4                       45 sec

Clean and press                                                        4                       8

4 Minute Abs Bonus

Seesaw Plank                         1 min

Around the world (alt. directions)   1 min

Across the body kicks (at 3:20)     1 min

Side plank with top leg lifts    30sec/side

I was wiped out after this workout.  It was a good feeling.

I made sure to refuel after my workout with this delicious mix:

Vega Protein Powder mixed with almond milk, cinnamon, and 1 frozen banana

This tasted amazing!!! I had never tried the chocolate variety before.  It was like a pudding/brownie/cake batter mix.  Oh man, why do Vega products have to be so expensive, they taste wonderful, but not to my wallet.  Not too mention I have little to no muscle soreness when I’m using their protein on a regualr basis.  I need to get my hands on a lifetime supply of this stuff stat:)

Obsessed much?!

One last thing before I go.

In remembrance of all those you lost their lives on 9/11, take a moment today to hold your loved ones a little bit closer and be grateful for all those who are fighting for our freedom.

Much love.


Quiz for the Crazies

It’s been a few days, Sorry about that.  I’ve been a busy girl!

I’ve very much looking forward to the weekend, especially because it’s a three day weekend for Dom and I:)  He’s been working hard all week and wasn’t able to have Labor day off so he is taking this Monday off so we can spend the day together! Isn’t that sweet of him.  I’m not sure what we will do yet but I’m hoping for maybe a little shopping, catching a matinee, out to eat for lunch, and maybe some dessert:) Really it doesn’t matter what we do, I will be happy just to have a day together during the week for a change.  Having a date day during the week just seems a little more special for some reason.  Anyone else with me on that?

Moving on.

I have been seeing this quiz around a few blogs and thought it would be fun so you can get to know me a little more.  So here goes,

A Quiz for the CRAZIES:

Chocolate or Vanilla?

I used to be a vanilla girl, but I usually lean more towards chocolate on most things now.

Innie or Outtie?

Innie for me.

Hot Hot Summer or Snowy Winter?

I guess I would have to go with hot hot summer.  There is no scraping windshields for one:)

Save or Spend?

Hmm, I think I am a pretty good saver.  Except for the two times that I’ve been to Trader Joe’s.  Love that store.  If only there was one closer to me.

Elliptical or Treadmill?

I don’t really use either but I would definitely pick the treadmill over the elliptical any day:)

Banana or Apple?

How about Bananas post workout and apples any other time.

Morning or Night?

Love the morning time.  It’s so nice to wake up and get a head start on the day:)

Love or Money?

Love of course.

Lipbalm or Lipstick?

Lipbalm.  Although I did love playing with my mom’s tiny avon lipstick samples when I was younger.

Butt or Boobs?

I have more booty than boobs, and I’m ok with that:)

Coffee or Tea?

Tea please, with crumpets <—-What are crumpets anyway?

Straight or Curly?

My hair is very straight.  And flat.  Bummer.

Three Squares or Graze All Day?

I’m in between.  I generally have 3 smaller meals and 3 larger snacks, if that makes sense.  I get hungry:)  Plus there is just too many good things to eat to limit my eating to 3 times a day.

Right handed or left handed?

I’m a Righty

Beach or Mountains?

Hmm love both, but I’ll have to go with the beach.  Any beach will do, even a chilly one in Seattle:)

Mac or PC?

PC for me.

Shy or Outgoing?

A little of both:) I’ve come a long way though.  I was so shy when I was younger, I would get so shaky and cry sometimes if I had to speak in front of people!

Now it’s your turn!

Banana or apple?

Save or Spend?

Are you shy or outgoing?

Have a happy weekend!



September Goals

Hey hey!  I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend.

Mine was great except that I didn’t see my husband too much:(  It was a busy work weekend for him.  We did get to enjoy a delicious pancake breakfast together on Saturday morning though:)

Coconut flour pancakes topped with Sunflower seed butter, strawberries and coconut milk

Saturday I canned 21 jars of peaches with my Mom, it was so great to get to spend the day with her.  We had a great time!

On Monday, I joined some of my family at a park for a picnic.  My sister Carolyn has been in Oregon for the whole summer so it was great to see her and her kids again!

Moving on,  it is a new month and that means new goals!  In February I started setting new goals for myself at the beginning of each month after I started reading Ashley’s blog🙂  She writes new goals for herself each month and I thought that was a great idea and more doable than new years resolutions.  I’ve loved doing this and it has helped me in so many ways.  I set goals in a few different areas of my life but for the blog I will just be sharing my food and fitness related ones.

August Recap:

 Fitness:  Focus on each movement when working out and pick challenging weights.

Success.  Of course there were days when I’m sure I could have focused or pushed myself a little harder but overall I really did try to focus on the movement of each exercise.  By picking challenging weights I was able to increase weight on some of my exercises:)

Food:  Make sure to eat enough calories to fuel my workouts and build muscle.  Eat more on leg days especially.

Pretty successful.  I don’t want to get into numbers right now but I know for a long time I was not eating nearly enough for my activity level.  I’m getting better at reaching my calorie goals each day but there are days when it is hard to eat every few hours.  Who knew eating so much would be so difficult?!

Try at least four new recipes this month.

I have tried so many new recipes this month!! I’ve had some good eating lately for sure.  Just of few of my favorites have been:

Cauliflower Pizza Crust (I make mine with oat flour)

150 Calorie Chocolate Protein Cake (So amazing)

Serious cereal (tried it both ways. loved it both ways)

There were so many good ones:)

Create 1-2 recipes of my own.

Success.  I made Sweet Miso-Ginger Salmon for dinner a couple times.  And for a snack I made a protein packed coconut cream pie with a coconut flour crust. I will have to share the recipe for that one soon.

September Goals:


  •  Stay consistent with August’s fitness goal plus listen to my body and rest when I need to even if it is not a planned rest day.  Remember that muscle grows after a workout not during:)
  • Run in the Women’s Fitness Celebration 5K with my younger sister Shannon at the end of the month.  This will be my first time running in a race:)


  •  Make sure to be eating enough on rest days/weekends.
  • Create 2 new recipes.

Well I’m excited for what the next month will bring. It’s sure to be fabulous!

Talk to me:

Do you like to set goals?

What are some of your goals this week? Month? or Year?