Quiz for the Crazies

It’s been a few days, Sorry about that.  I’ve been a busy girl!

I’ve very much looking forward to the weekend, especially because it’s a three day weekend for Dom and I:)  He’s been working hard all week and wasn’t able to have Labor day off so he is taking this Monday off so we can spend the day together! Isn’t that sweet of him.  I’m not sure what we will do yet but I’m hoping for maybe a little shopping, catching a matinee, out to eat for lunch, and maybe some dessert:) Really it doesn’t matter what we do, I will be happy just to have a day together during the week for a change.  Having a date day during the week just seems a little more special for some reason.  Anyone else with me on that?

Moving on.

I have been seeing this quiz around a few blogs and thought it would be fun so you can get to know me a little more.  So here goes,

A Quiz for the CRAZIES:

Chocolate or Vanilla?

I used to be a vanilla girl, but I usually lean more towards chocolate on most things now.

Innie or Outtie?

Innie for me.

Hot Hot Summer or Snowy Winter?

I guess I would have to go with hot hot summer.  There is no scraping windshields for one:)

Save or Spend?

Hmm, I think I am a pretty good saver.  Except for the two times that I’ve been to Trader Joe’s.  Love that store.  If only there was one closer to me.

Elliptical or Treadmill?

I don’t really use either but I would definitely pick the treadmill over the elliptical any day:)

Banana or Apple?

How about Bananas post workout and apples any other time.

Morning or Night?

Love the morning time.  It’s so nice to wake up and get a head start on the day:)

Love or Money?

Love of course.

Lipbalm or Lipstick?

Lipbalm.  Although I did love playing with my mom’s tiny avon lipstick samples when I was younger.

Butt or Boobs?

I have more booty than boobs, and I’m ok with that:)

Coffee or Tea?

Tea please, with crumpets <—-What are crumpets anyway?

Straight or Curly?

My hair is very straight.  And flat.  Bummer.

Three Squares or Graze All Day?

I’m in between.  I generally have 3 smaller meals and 3 larger snacks, if that makes sense.  I get hungry:)  Plus there is just too many good things to eat to limit my eating to 3 times a day.

Right handed or left handed?

I’m a Righty

Beach or Mountains?

Hmm love both, but I’ll have to go with the beach.  Any beach will do, even a chilly one in Seattle:)

Mac or PC?

PC for me.

Shy or Outgoing?

A little of both:) I’ve come a long way though.  I was so shy when I was younger, I would get so shaky and cry sometimes if I had to speak in front of people!

Now it’s your turn!

Banana or apple?

Save or Spend?

Are you shy or outgoing?

Have a happy weekend!




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