Back to Real Life

Hey hey! How is everyone doing?

Waiting for our lunch:)

To be honest, I wish it was the weekend still!  As I mentioned before, Dom took yesterday off so we could have a long weekend and spend the day together:)  It was so great.  Our weekend was a great mix of yummy food, relaxing,  clothes shopping for me, Barnes and Noble shopping for him, and laughing.   I’m so grateful for this past weekend.  It was exactly what I’ve been needing. Some quality time with the husband and a break from the usual routine:)

Red Chicken Curry

Extra veggies instead of white rice for my side

Anyway, moving on to today.  It’s been a busy one full of taking care of  laundry, cleaning, and grocery shopping that I neglected over the weekend.  But before all that I had a great leg and abs workout that I would like to share with you.

Shaky legs Workout

Exercise                                                                   Sets             Reps

Narrow stance squats                                              4                     10


*Bulgarian split squats                                             4                     10/leg

*Genie press with dumbell                                     4                      10


*Lunges                                                                         4                       10

*Bridge butt lift-1 leg elevated                            4                        12/leg

Bent knee deadlift                                                    4                        6


Wall sit w/ raised calves and dumbell            4                       45 sec

Clean and press                                                        4                       8

4 Minute Abs Bonus

Seesaw Plank                         1 min

Around the world (alt. directions)   1 min

Across the body kicks (at 3:20)     1 min

Side plank with top leg lifts    30sec/side

I was wiped out after this workout.  It was a good feeling.

I made sure to refuel after my workout with this delicious mix:

Vega Protein Powder mixed with almond milk, cinnamon, and 1 frozen banana

This tasted amazing!!! I had never tried the chocolate variety before.  It was like a pudding/brownie/cake batter mix.  Oh man, why do Vega products have to be so expensive, they taste wonderful, but not to my wallet.  Not too mention I have little to no muscle soreness when I’m using their protein on a regualr basis.  I need to get my hands on a lifetime supply of this stuff stat:)

Obsessed much?!

One last thing before I go.

In remembrance of all those you lost their lives on 9/11, take a moment today to hold your loved ones a little bit closer and be grateful for all those who are fighting for our freedom.

Much love.



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