Over the Weekend

It’s Monday again!  How was everyone’s weekend.  Mine was mostly pretty dang awesome. Only one minor issue which I will get to in a moment.

First the highlights.

Friday night I hung out with 2 of my sisters Carolyn and Shannon!! We watched the Katy Perry movie together, painted our fingernails, and ate parfaits that I made as dessert.  We all really loved the movie.  Katy Perry seems like a fun person.   The main theme of the movie was to ALWAYS BE YOURSELF!!  This was a great reminder for me as I am still trying to find my groove in blogging.  Too many times I try to change the way I write to be like someone else.  Why do I do that? I’m not sure.  But I’m gonna quit that. Starting now!

Parfaits: greek yogurt, coconut almond crust, strawberries, and a mix of Almond and sunflower seed butter:)

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing for the most part with my man which is always a good time.  At one point we decided to go out for eat.    We had wanted to ride our bikes to the restaurant but it started raining for the first time in months right when we wanted to go!  So this is where I went a little crazy.  So for the last last few months I’ve made some huge strides in getting over some bad habits when it comes to eating out.  For probably 2 years I would get really stressed when we would go out to eat for the following reasons:

  • not knowing exactly how many calories were in the food
  • not knowing all the ingredients
  • not letting myself order exactly what I wanted

It was a bad place for me because it made what should be a fun dining experience a terrible one.  It put me in a bad mood and I would get mad at Dom for no reason.  Lucky for me he is very patient and understanding.  Anyway, like I said I’ve been doing really well at not stressing and just enjoying being in the moment and enjoying some delicious food with my husband.  This time when we went out to eat though all of the negative thoughts came back and I had a mini breakdown.  I think the reasons were because I had never been to the restaurant before (Fuddruckers) so I didn’t really know what to expect.  I felt awful.  I was mad at myself for having these feelings again when I had been doing so great for awhile.  But ya know what I got over it and had a great lunch.  It really helped telling Dom exactly what was bothering me.  Once I voiced my worries and frustrations I knew I sounded silly.  I have a bad habit of keeping things bottled up but it always helps when I just let it out.  I’m happy I got over it because I had a delicious meal. I ended up getting the ostrich burger.  I had it w/o the bun with lots of veggies including grilled onions:) Yum.  I had never tried ostrich before but apparently it is much leaner than beef and even chicken. And guess what? It tastes great.  Very comparable to beef. Who woulda thought?

Sorry for such a wordy, hopefully you stuck with me on it!


Do you like Katy Perry?

Can you relate to my eating out fears?


4 thoughts on “Over the Weekend

  1. I absolutely can relate to being anxious when going out to eat. It’s awful, I’m even tempted just to stay home so I can eat a clean meal instead (where I know EXACTLY how many calories I’m consuming). My real fear though is that eating out will either make me gain weight, or prevent me from losing those last five killer pounds. Either way, it’s nice to know I’m not alone in this anxiety and that other people are working on it too!

    • Olivia! I have all the same feelings as you. I have come a long way though but I definitely have skipped many meals out just so I could prepare my own clean meal. Thanks for understanding. It really is good to know there are others out there struggling with the same things. It is encouraging in making me want to be better:)

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