Pranks, Colors, and Costumes

Hey all, I hope everyone had a great weekend.   I certainly did and it all started on Friday night:)

So last week at work Rachel came up with a great idea of starting a youtube channel that we could use to upload videos of  us doing different pranks/social experiments around Boise.  She’s a genius so of course I agreed to it.   So we are calling ourselves Boise Pranks.  The group consists of Rachel, her husband, my husband, and me:)  And you can find us here.  We recorded our first video on Friday night and we had a blast!  I can’t wait to do more.

Saturday was another great day.  That morning I did the color run with 2 of my sisters and my mom:)

here we are:



It was our first time doing the color run and we had a great time! Although It was pretty dang cold.  Hopefully we will do it next year too.

That night we went to a Halloween party at a friends/co-workers house:)  It was a blast.  Here is what Dom and I dressed as:

Dom: Me at work. haha he did pretty good posing and smiling like me.
Me: A Paper Doll

I must say, Dom did a pretty good job of being me.  It was rather amusing and slightly embarrassing.

Love my friends!

I’m so glad we went.  I was a little hesitant to go just because I’m a bit of a homebody but we had such a good time.  And surprisingly enough we stayed out past 10!  We got home around 1:30 A.M.  Haha, we don’t do that often.

And Sunday was for relaxing with the hubby.

I love the weekends.  But now it’s Monday and I have some dishes to do.

Stay happy:)


Birthday Kind of Weekend

How was everyone’s weekend?!  Mine was busy but fun!  It spilled over into yesterday so that’s even better.

Saturday we went to the park for a birthday party for one of my nieces.  She is adorable and it was a lot of fun.  That girl is OBSESSED with my little pony. And cake.  But who isn’t?

Addie loving on some cake

On Saturday I also tried Beanitos for the first time.  I got the ones with flax.  Those things are pretty dang tasty and good for you too!

Sunday was also awesome.  Sunday morning I went to church and when I got home I got the house ready for a dinner party.  We had some of Dom’s family over for his birthday (which was on Monday).  It turned  out great I thought.  I made some of these:

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes
Recipe from Courtney @

I didn’t end up having any because there was milk in them and I’ve given up dairy but I hear they were pretty great.  How could they not be though, chocolate+peanut butter=always delicious.

And for dinner: TACOS!!  Seriously homemade tacos are my favorite.  I grew up eating them at least once a month and I just never get sick of them:)

Tacos made with ground turkey breast

It was a fun night.

For Dom’s real birthday we went out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory.  I decided to try the Seared Ahi Tuna Tataki Salad.  I had never had Ahi tuna before and so I’m not sure how it was supposed to taste but I couldn’t even finish the tuna.  It was just…bad.  The fish was very heavy and…limp.  I mean I know it was raw but I’ve had sashimi before and loved it.  The sashimi I had before was very fresh and delicious but this was not:( I’m hoping that Ahi tuna actually is delicious and that I just got a poor quality dish or something because it always looks so tasty!  Anyway the salad part was great.  It was a mix of greens, tomato, and avocado with a sesame soy dressing and some wasabi pesto.

After dinner Dom talked me into watching Dawn of the Dead.  He’s been wanting me to see it since oh, I guess the start of our relationship!  Since it was his birthday I gave in.  I watched probably about half the movie and then I couldn’t take it anymore.  Zombies don’t scare me they just gross me out. Eww.  Hey I tried.  At least I don’t have to ever watch a zombie movie again:) Dom did feel bad at least that he had forced me to watch it;) 😉

Well that’s it for now.


Do you like zombie movies?

Do you like seared ahi tuna?

Slashing Sodium

Alliteration is fun.

You know what else is fun?

Going Apple Picking with the hubby:)

And that is just what we did on Saturday.  It was great.  I found out that I actually do like red delicious apples!! I’ve only ever tried a red delicious from the store and I found it to be very bitter.  But let me tell you fresh off the tree red delicious apples are yummy.  Sweet and crispy:)  The farmer told us that the apples from the store taste like that because of the amount of time they sit after being picked.  Very Interesting.

We picked about seven pounds of apples.  Today is my day off so I finally got around to doing something with them.  I made applesauce in the crockpot and will hopefully be making some apple crisp for Dom soon.

On my days off I tend to do a lot of cooking/food prep.  Along with the apple dishes I baked a pumpkin and attempted to make pumpkin soup.  I will have to work on the recipe for that one, it turned out so so.  I made some turkey burgers to have on hand for quick meals, and protein brownies.  It was a busy but enjoyable day:)

Anyway, so for the past couple weeks or so I’ve been trying to cut down on my sodium intake after realizing I probably over do it sometimes.   That’s what happens when you are trying to get a lot of muscle building protein! You tend to eat a lot of eggs/egg whites and protein powders (Vega, I’m looking at you!)  among other things.     I rarely eat processed/packaged foods so I don’t really have an issue with a ton of added sodium but I tend to buy store bought marinara sauce and canned tuna which contain a bit of sodium.  Some other not so obvious things that can have high sodium content whole wheat tortillas/wraps (the one’s I buy have 300mg!) and breads, store bought hummus, salsa, and turkey lunch meat.

So for example if I were to have a wrap with 2 egg whites and a serving of turkey that would be around 850 mg of sodium alone!!  And that’s just at breakfast!

According to the CDC,  in general our bodies only need 180-500 mg of sodium/day!  Recommended intake is between 1500-2300 mg/day.

Of course we need sodium in our diets.  It is important for fluid maintenance in our bodies as well as playing roles in our heart’s performance, glucose absorption, and nervous systems. But a having a diet high in sodium can lead to high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, brittle bones, kidney failure, and fatigue just to name a few.

Here are some ways that I have been reducing my sodium intake:

I love vega protein powders! They are a great tasting and great quality protein source but they have over 500 mg of sodium per serving!! Luckily I found a great protein that is very comparable to vega quality, ingredient, and taste wise.  It is called Vegan Proteins Plus.

I really love it and I love the fact that it has only 230mg of sodium per serving.  That may still be a little high but after a good sweaty workout a little sodium is helpful:)

A great low sodium, high protein breakfast option is this TVP Protein “Oatmeal” .  Laura is a genius for coming up with it!   I’ve had it several times now.  I like to mix in pumpkin, sunflower seed butter, or strawberries and almonds.

Also instead of using a (high sodium) tortilla I’ve been using a sushi seaweed wrap to wrap my eggs in.  It may sound odd but it’s actually very delicious (and leaves room for some delicious clean carbs in the form of squash:) Ezekial wraps also have half the sodium as regular whole wheat tortillas so they are a great option as well.

I’ve also recently switched to soy yogurt instead of Greek yogurt for other reasons than reducing sodium (more on why later).  But as a plus soy yogurt only has 25 mg of sodium compared to greek yogurts 100 mg on average.

Just a few other ways to reduce sodium are:

  • using regular yellow mustard (60 mg)  more often than dijon mustard (120 mg.)
  • making homemade hummus
  • using low-sodium broths
  • flavoring foods with fresh herbs, spices, and lemon juice instead of salt or salad dressing.
  • Choose fresh protein sources (Chicken breast, fresh fish, Beans, Lentils) instead of reaching for the easy canned tuna or egg whites.

I hope these ideas help!

Stay happy.

Have you ever gone apple picking?

What are some ways you reduce sodium in your diet?

September Recap…

…a little late.  Oops.

Well let’s get too it before this gets any later.  I want to recap my September goals.


  •  Stay consistent with August’s fitness goal plus listen to my body and rest when I need to even if it is not a planned rest day.  Remember that muscle grows after a workout not during:)

I think I’ve done a pretty great job in all my workouts this month.  I’ve seen some changes and have been able to increase the weight on a few exercises.  I’ve also taken a break when I feel like I need it which is a huge relief.  I’ve come a long way in being able to be ok with resting and not pushing myself when my  body is really just not feeling it.

  • Run in the Women’s Fitness Celebration 5K with my younger sister Shannon at the end of the month.  This will be my first time running in a race:)

FAIL.  Not really on purpose though.  The weekend of the race just didn’t end up be a good time as we both ended up having to work on that day.  Oh well, there are plenty of other runs to do:)


  •  Make sure to be eating enough on rest days/weekends.

I’m getting better at this but it is still a little bit of a struggle for me to get enough to eat on weekends.  For one thing I tend to sleep in a little later so I usually skip a morning snack.  I’m still eating very healthy and  clean on the weekends and that makes me happy:)

  • Create 2 new recipes.

Success. Kind of.  I did create a few new recipes but have yet to share them, I’ll work on that;) .  I did at least share one, Strawberry Lime Chia Jam.  Love that on pancakes with Peanut flour sauce:)

Well it’s October 7th already and for this month I actually really don’t have any new goals this month food or fitness wise.  I’m pretty happy just continuing with the way things are right now.  My workouts have been great and I feel like I’ve been very focused during them.

The main thing I want to work on this month is blogging at least 2-3 times a week.  I resist only because I’m not quite comfortable yet but that will come with time and practice.  So that’s my main goal this month:)

Some other things I’m looking forward to this month are possibly doing the Color Run with my family, a Halloween party, passing out candy to trick or treaters, carving pumpkins, roasting pumpkins, eating pumpkins(!), trying some new baking recipes, and of course my husband’s birthday!  It’s looking like it’s going to be a great month!

So let’s get to it.

What are you looking forward to this fall?

Are you planning on dressing up for Halloween? What will you be?

Getting a Taste

Hello all.

It’s been a fun and busy week since I last posted.

One of the highlights of it would have to be working out with a friend of mine.  She asked me a few weeks ago if I could be her workout buddy once a week as she is working on getting back into eating healthy and exercising regularly. It made me feel really good that she would look to me for help with this:)  We have worked  out together twice now and I’ve really enjoyed it.  It’s giving me a taste of what being a certified personal trainer might be like!  I thought I would share the 2 workouts we have done together so far.  Since she is focused more on losing weight at the moment than building a lot of muscle I thought we should focus on mostly body weight exercises with some bursts of high intensity cardio mixed in.   I also decided to focus on pretty basic but effective moves (i.e. squats, push ups, dips) so it’s easier to see improvement.

1st workout:

Heart-pumping Total body  workout:

Push-ups                                          10 reps

Skull crushers in bridge pose  10 reps

Jump Squats                                   30 reps

Hand-release burpees                10 reps

Sit-ups with arms overhead     20 reps

Do 4 rounds for time

We completed this in about 18 minutes and then went for a 25 minute walk.  It was fun and my friend kicked butt:)

The next workout (today) we did was based on this workout by Zuzana.  We had only a short amount of time to get in a great workout today.  This took us about 24 minutes.

Here’s what we did:

Backward lunge with Kick up  12 reps/leg

Walking Push-ups 25 reps

Mtn. Climbers 25 reps

Sumo Squat with Knee ups 25 reps alt. sides

1 leg bridge leg lift 25 reps/leg

Squat with side kick 25 reps alt. sides

Oblique V-ups  12-15/side

Bicycles 25 reps

Diagonal touchdown and Twist (with dumbell) 12-15/side

Side plank lifts 12-15/side

Donkey Kicks 15/side

This was a great workout,  it really targeted the booty and the obliques.  I added in a weighted sandbag for the squats to make it a little more of a challenge.

Let me know if you try either of these workouts.  They are short but effective.  I’m really enjoying working out with a buddy once a week.  I generally workout by myself so it’s nice to switch it up once in awhile. 🙂

Anyway, moving on.  Can you believe it’s October already?!  I can’t.  There are so many October Challenges going on around the web.  One that I’m going to be participating in for the most part is the #PlantPOWER Challenge put on by Kasey and Heather.  It’s all about incorporating more fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, basically anything plant based into our diets!  Although I won’t be going 100% vegan for the next month I will try and focus more on plant based foods each day.

Today’s theme was Eat A Rainbow.   I really did eat a lot of veggies today but I forgot to take pictures!  I got one though at least.

Mix of veggies with a nutritional yeast dip.

Well that’s all for now.  I will be back later this week for my October goals!

Do you prefer to workout alone or with a friend?

Are you participating in any Challenges this month?