Getting a Taste

Hello all.

It’s been a fun and busy week since I last posted.

One of the highlights of it would have to be working out with a friend of mine.  She asked me a few weeks ago if I could be her workout buddy once a week as she is working on getting back into eating healthy and exercising regularly. It made me feel really good that she would look to me for help with this:)  We have worked  out together twice now and I’ve really enjoyed it.  It’s giving me a taste of what being a certified personal trainer might be like!  I thought I would share the 2 workouts we have done together so far.  Since she is focused more on losing weight at the moment than building a lot of muscle I thought we should focus on mostly body weight exercises with some bursts of high intensity cardio mixed in.   I also decided to focus on pretty basic but effective moves (i.e. squats, push ups, dips) so it’s easier to see improvement.

1st workout:

Heart-pumping Total body  workout:

Push-ups                                          10 reps

Skull crushers in bridge pose  10 reps

Jump Squats                                   30 reps

Hand-release burpees                10 reps

Sit-ups with arms overhead     20 reps

Do 4 rounds for time

We completed this in about 18 minutes and then went for a 25 minute walk.  It was fun and my friend kicked butt:)

The next workout (today) we did was based on this workout by Zuzana.  We had only a short amount of time to get in a great workout today.  This took us about 24 minutes.

Here’s what we did:

Backward lunge with Kick up  12 reps/leg

Walking Push-ups 25 reps

Mtn. Climbers 25 reps

Sumo Squat with Knee ups 25 reps alt. sides

1 leg bridge leg lift 25 reps/leg

Squat with side kick 25 reps alt. sides

Oblique V-ups  12-15/side

Bicycles 25 reps

Diagonal touchdown and Twist (with dumbell) 12-15/side

Side plank lifts 12-15/side

Donkey Kicks 15/side

This was a great workout,  it really targeted the booty and the obliques.  I added in a weighted sandbag for the squats to make it a little more of a challenge.

Let me know if you try either of these workouts.  They are short but effective.  I’m really enjoying working out with a buddy once a week.  I generally workout by myself so it’s nice to switch it up once in awhile. 🙂

Anyway, moving on.  Can you believe it’s October already?!  I can’t.  There are so many October Challenges going on around the web.  One that I’m going to be participating in for the most part is the #PlantPOWER Challenge put on by Kasey and Heather.  It’s all about incorporating more fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, basically anything plant based into our diets!  Although I won’t be going 100% vegan for the next month I will try and focus more on plant based foods each day.

Today’s theme was Eat A Rainbow.   I really did eat a lot of veggies today but I forgot to take pictures!  I got one though at least.

Mix of veggies with a nutritional yeast dip.

Well that’s all for now.  I will be back later this week for my October goals!

Do you prefer to workout alone or with a friend?

Are you participating in any Challenges this month?


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