Slashing Sodium

Alliteration is fun.

You know what else is fun?

Going Apple Picking with the hubby:)

And that is just what we did on Saturday.  It was great.  I found out that I actually do like red delicious apples!! I’ve only ever tried a red delicious from the store and I found it to be very bitter.  But let me tell you fresh off the tree red delicious apples are yummy.  Sweet and crispy:)  The farmer told us that the apples from the store taste like that because of the amount of time they sit after being picked.  Very Interesting.

We picked about seven pounds of apples.  Today is my day off so I finally got around to doing something with them.  I made applesauce in the crockpot and will hopefully be making some apple crisp for Dom soon.

On my days off I tend to do a lot of cooking/food prep.  Along with the apple dishes I baked a pumpkin and attempted to make pumpkin soup.  I will have to work on the recipe for that one, it turned out so so.  I made some turkey burgers to have on hand for quick meals, and protein brownies.  It was a busy but enjoyable day:)

Anyway, so for the past couple weeks or so I’ve been trying to cut down on my sodium intake after realizing I probably over do it sometimes.   That’s what happens when you are trying to get a lot of muscle building protein! You tend to eat a lot of eggs/egg whites and protein powders (Vega, I’m looking at you!)  among other things.     I rarely eat processed/packaged foods so I don’t really have an issue with a ton of added sodium but I tend to buy store bought marinara sauce and canned tuna which contain a bit of sodium.  Some other not so obvious things that can have high sodium content whole wheat tortillas/wraps (the one’s I buy have 300mg!) and breads, store bought hummus, salsa, and turkey lunch meat.

So for example if I were to have a wrap with 2 egg whites and a serving of turkey that would be around 850 mg of sodium alone!!  And that’s just at breakfast!

According to the CDC,  in general our bodies only need 180-500 mg of sodium/day!  Recommended intake is between 1500-2300 mg/day.

Of course we need sodium in our diets.  It is important for fluid maintenance in our bodies as well as playing roles in our heart’s performance, glucose absorption, and nervous systems. But a having a diet high in sodium can lead to high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, brittle bones, kidney failure, and fatigue just to name a few.

Here are some ways that I have been reducing my sodium intake:

I love vega protein powders! They are a great tasting and great quality protein source but they have over 500 mg of sodium per serving!! Luckily I found a great protein that is very comparable to vega quality, ingredient, and taste wise.  It is called Vegan Proteins Plus.

I really love it and I love the fact that it has only 230mg of sodium per serving.  That may still be a little high but after a good sweaty workout a little sodium is helpful:)

A great low sodium, high protein breakfast option is this TVP Protein “Oatmeal” .  Laura is a genius for coming up with it!   I’ve had it several times now.  I like to mix in pumpkin, sunflower seed butter, or strawberries and almonds.

Also instead of using a (high sodium) tortilla I’ve been using a sushi seaweed wrap to wrap my eggs in.  It may sound odd but it’s actually very delicious (and leaves room for some delicious clean carbs in the form of squash:) Ezekial wraps also have half the sodium as regular whole wheat tortillas so they are a great option as well.

I’ve also recently switched to soy yogurt instead of Greek yogurt for other reasons than reducing sodium (more on why later).  But as a plus soy yogurt only has 25 mg of sodium compared to greek yogurts 100 mg on average.

Just a few other ways to reduce sodium are:

  • using regular yellow mustard (60 mg)  more often than dijon mustard (120 mg.)
  • making homemade hummus
  • using low-sodium broths
  • flavoring foods with fresh herbs, spices, and lemon juice instead of salt or salad dressing.
  • Choose fresh protein sources (Chicken breast, fresh fish, Beans, Lentils) instead of reaching for the easy canned tuna or egg whites.

I hope these ideas help!

Stay happy.

Have you ever gone apple picking?

What are some ways you reduce sodium in your diet?


One thought on “Slashing Sodium

  1. Thank you so much for the link back to the TVP oats! I am glad you’re enjoying it as much as I am!

    Yes, sodium can add up quickly. For me, the biggest help has been buying everything fresh and making my own sauces and sides at home. I also season my protein at home with herbs, citrus, and a white vinegar. Scrambled tofu has been a good sub for eggs to cut sodium too!

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