Birthday Kind of Weekend

How was everyone’s weekend?!  Mine was busy but fun!  It spilled over into yesterday so that’s even better.

Saturday we went to the park for a birthday party for one of my nieces.  She is adorable and it was a lot of fun.  That girl is OBSESSED with my little pony. And cake.  But who isn’t?

Addie loving on some cake

On Saturday I also tried Beanitos for the first time.  I got the ones with flax.  Those things are pretty dang tasty and good for you too!

Sunday was also awesome.  Sunday morning I went to church and when I got home I got the house ready for a dinner party.  We had some of Dom’s family over for his birthday (which was on Monday).  It turned  out great I thought.  I made some of these:

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes
Recipe from Courtney @

I didn’t end up having any because there was milk in them and I’ve given up dairy but I hear they were pretty great.  How could they not be though, chocolate+peanut butter=always delicious.

And for dinner: TACOS!!  Seriously homemade tacos are my favorite.  I grew up eating them at least once a month and I just never get sick of them:)

Tacos made with ground turkey breast

It was a fun night.

For Dom’s real birthday we went out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory.  I decided to try the Seared Ahi Tuna Tataki Salad.  I had never had Ahi tuna before and so I’m not sure how it was supposed to taste but I couldn’t even finish the tuna.  It was just…bad.  The fish was very heavy and…limp.  I mean I know it was raw but I’ve had sashimi before and loved it.  The sashimi I had before was very fresh and delicious but this was not:( I’m hoping that Ahi tuna actually is delicious and that I just got a poor quality dish or something because it always looks so tasty!  Anyway the salad part was great.  It was a mix of greens, tomato, and avocado with a sesame soy dressing and some wasabi pesto.

After dinner Dom talked me into watching Dawn of the Dead.  He’s been wanting me to see it since oh, I guess the start of our relationship!  Since it was his birthday I gave in.  I watched probably about half the movie and then I couldn’t take it anymore.  Zombies don’t scare me they just gross me out. Eww.  Hey I tried.  At least I don’t have to ever watch a zombie movie again:) Dom did feel bad at least that he had forced me to watch it;) 😉

Well that’s it for now.


Do you like zombie movies?

Do you like seared ahi tuna?


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