Pranks, Colors, and Costumes

Hey all, I hope everyone had a great weekend.   I certainly did and it all started on Friday night:)

So last week at work Rachel came up with a great idea of starting a youtube channel that we could use to upload videos of  us doing different pranks/social experiments around Boise.  She’s a genius so of course I agreed to it.   So we are calling ourselves Boise Pranks.  The group consists of Rachel, her husband, my husband, and me:)  And you can find us here.  We recorded our first video on Friday night and we had a blast!  I can’t wait to do more.

Saturday was another great day.  That morning I did the color run with 2 of my sisters and my mom:)

here we are:



It was our first time doing the color run and we had a great time! Although It was pretty dang cold.  Hopefully we will do it next year too.

That night we went to a Halloween party at a friends/co-workers house:)  It was a blast.  Here is what Dom and I dressed as:

Dom: Me at work. haha he did pretty good posing and smiling like me.
Me: A Paper Doll

I must say, Dom did a pretty good job of being me.  It was rather amusing and slightly embarrassing.

Love my friends!

I’m so glad we went.  I was a little hesitant to go just because I’m a bit of a homebody but we had such a good time.  And surprisingly enough we stayed out past 10!  We got home around 1:30 A.M.  Haha, we don’t do that often.

And Sunday was for relaxing with the hubby.

I love the weekends.  But now it’s Monday and I have some dishes to do.

Stay happy:)


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