Favorite Things In October

Can you believe it’s November already?!  October seemed to fly by.  Probably because it was such a fun month:)

Today I have some of my favorite things from October.

Favorite Activites:

Apple Picking ❤

Dom’s Birthday Party!

Color Run.

Halloween Party:)

Favorite Foods:

So many good meals this month.  I tried to  incorparate more plant based meals for the Plantpower Challenge which I really enjoyed but I also enjoyed other things as well:)

Breakfast has usually been TVP “Oats” with a coconut pumpkin cream mixed in.  Other days it’s been soy yogurt with pumpkin, Coconut flour, oats, and chia. So yummy:)

I have been loving eggs for lunch, particular wrapped in seaweed or collard greens.  For the sauce I usually mash up some avocado with horseradish or regular mustard.  So so good:)

Egg Scramble Seaweed Wrap

Collard Wraps with Tempeh covered in a clean BBQ sauce and extra veggies. (BBQ sauce recipe from Laura at Sprint2thetable)

I’ve made this Pumpkin Alfredo twice already but I’ve been enjoying it just as soup with some extra protein and veggies on the side.   It’s so creamy:) Sorry no picture though.

Favorite Blog Posts From Others:

It’s Called Living A great post and words I really needed to hear about not labeling any meal as a cheat meal.

i don’t do perfection A good reminder for me as I am still new at blogging and sometimes I feel like everyone is so much better than me at living a healthy balanced life but apparently they aren’t, and neither am I. <—proof:  I mean look at that poorly constructed run on sentence.

There were so many others but these posts really stuck with me:)

It’s been a great month.  I’ve had some great workouts as well. I will give you an update on those soon:)

But for now I gotta head to the bank before it closes!

Love, Hannah

What was your favorite thing about October?



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