Video; Why Are You So Skinny?

I watched this video today.  Now it’s your turn

First of all I really admire Amanda Russell for posting this video.  She is strong, healthy, and encouraging.  I’ve never felt anything but happy (and maybe a little scared of the workouts;)  when I have watched her videos!  I’ve done several of her workouts and I love them.  Short, effective, and to the point.   Totally my style;)

Anyway, this video really resonated with me as I have gone through similar things as her.  I’m naturally smaller in size so I hear things like:

“You need to eat a cheeseburger”  “You are so bony”  “Do you ever eat?”  etc.

Although these may not sound that hurtful they really can be.  For me these were really hurtful because I have gone through my own struggles of undereating, then overeating, being underweight, having a super hard time gaining at all.  Plus as Amanda pointed out in the video, it’s embarrassing when someone says that to you in front of a group of your friends/peers.  It’s also frustrating when people underestimate my strength because I’m “skinny”.  Skinny people are strong too!!  Luckily  I’m at a good place now and I’m comfortable in my body. As you get older I guess things fall into place:)  I wanted to share this video though because I think this is a really important reminder to not judge others on their body type.  Whether they are short, tall, skinny, curvy, etc.  We all have the right to feel good and confident in our own skin.  You never know what someone is going through.  You never know where someone is at in their journey of finding confidence and peace with their bodies.  The only comments you should make to others about their appearance are positive encouraging ones.

Maybe being small isn’t your struggle.  On the other end of the spectrum you should never tell anyone they need to stop eating because they are overweight!  I know a couple people who were told “have you ever thought about not eating so much and going on a diet?”  Well guess what that person was working on losing weight and had lost a good amount of weight already!  How hurtful that would be to hear that when you were trying so hard in the first place.

So just remember next time you think about judging someone harshly on their body, DON’T.

Forget about that saying “Real Women are—insert your own adjective here—“.  I hate that saying because it’s never true. Real women are just that.  Real. Unique.

We are all beautiful no matter our shape or size.   And we all have our secret struggles.  Never ever put someone down.  You don’t know what your hurtful words could lead to.

Let’s all try and be a lot more kind and a lot less  judgmental.

Show compassion and give more compliments!





Bye for now, beautiful people.


2 thoughts on “Video; Why Are You So Skinny?

  1. Yeah. We shouldn’t say things about people’s bodies unless they’re nice things (or in private).

    I hate the whole “Real [type of person] are [adjective]” thing. I also don’t like anything starting with “There are two types of people in the world.” I mean, come on! People go out of their way to show that they’re different. Why do we need to reduce that?

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