Five on Friday

For the past couple weeks Dom has been very busy with work.  Which of course is a blessing but its left me having to keep my self entertained during times when we would normally be hanging out.  It has given me the opportunity to catch up on some blog reading though so that’s always fun of course. So I thought I’d just do some link love today and share are some of my favorite things I’ve read or watched this week. Thank Darci  for hosting.

1. How to get flat abs…and rule the world This is not the shallow post you might think it is.  Read it.  Pretty much all of it really resonated with me.  I especially love #s 1, 3, and 4.

2.  Batdad Need a laugh, watch this.  Hilarious!

3.  Coconut oil face wash  My skin has been very uncool lately.  I’ve tried a few different products, including one that has always worked for me in the past but still I’m breaking out.  I don’t feel its diet related either since nothing has really changed. So I was looking up some reviews on a few more natural products and came across this blog post.  I’m totally trying this!  I knew coconut oil was good for skin but I didn’t know it was also good for acne and oily skin. I will let you know how it goes!

4. Can we feed 7 billion people?  I try not to waste food as much as possible.  But this makes me want to be even more diligent at not being wasteful.  This really puts things in perspective.

5.  Neil from GPP Fitness posted this on the gpp website last week and I thought it was really great.  Just another reason why I GPP♥♡. “Question from the Internet about GPP programming. “Hi there.  I’ve been following the site for a while.  I’ve done a few of the workouts here and there, but am afraid of getting big muscles.  So, I cut the weight dramatically and just plain skip heavy days.  Can I get the same results?” Nope. Look, there can be no doubt that GPP will put some “yolk” on a person.  The rigors of daily life demand a greater physicality than most people walk around with.  This leaves them woefully unprepared for  – well, virtually everything.  Greater physicality is the (positive, in our opinion) side effect of obtaining optimal health.  Most folks revel in this new, healthier look. Unfortunately there are some who, for one reason or another, still buy in to that “Cocaine Chic” look.  It’s a shame.  It’s not healthy.  Most “ideal body images” promoted by the popular media (Barbie, Waif, Jersey Shore Goomba) aren’t – unless you are naturally built like it to begin with. Let’s not over-state this increase in muscle mass though.  To think you’d gain a ton of muscle on GPP training is a ridiculous thought.  Especially for females.  Our males tend to gain much more mass than our females.  This is due to chemical and hormonal differences between the sexes.  But, even the males who are looking to “bulk up” are better served by a combination of GPP and the addition of our “Shaping, or Strength” protocol.  GPP just wasn’t intended to add bulk.  The look we obtain from training for optimal health is a very long and lean one.  Using our protocol for bodybuilding types of pursuits is ill-advised.  In fact, if you presented our training to bodybuilders (those in- the-know) as a viable sub for their training, you’d be laughed at.  Bodybuilding and mass building are very unique pursuits with their own specific protocol. People spend years training to gain mass.  Years and years.  To think somehow that you might just stumble into piles of mass by using protocol not specifically designed for it, is just plain silly to imagine.  Especially if you are female.  Especially if you are eating right.  Especially if you’ve taken specific steps to NOT gain mass (doing the workouts as recommended, but going a bit lighter is a viable sub). Bottom line is, you will definitely see changes in your body due to compliance with daily GPP protocol.  You’ll not avoid this.  These changes are healthy and look good ON!  However, not everyone likes the look of these changes (although we can’t imagine why).  Some are dead-set to look unhealthy.  The only way this can happen is to BE unhealthy. To answer your question.  “No – you can’t take something intended to help you achieve Optimal Health, mess with it, and expect to get the same results.”  ”

Hope you enjoyed some or all of these! Leave me your thoughts in the comments if you did!

Have a great weekend!



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