About Me


I’m Hannah, a 20 something year old living in Boise, Idaho.

This  is me:


Honestly, I never know what to say in these things!  I don’t really have a plan for my life yet.  I have a lot of interests and so I’m still trying to figure out which one will help me have a successful and fulfilling career/life.  So for now I will just list some things I like, dislike, believe in, support, etc.  Maybe you will find we have some things in common!

I love food but I haven’t always had the best relationship with food.  I’ve come a long way though!  Food is good and lots of food is better-for our brains and our bodies.

I love cooking and I’m realizing more and more that cooking makes me so happy.

I love learning about whole and good for you foods and what they can do for our bodies.  I tend to eat mostly plant based/vegan and I’m always amazed at just how incredible plants are for us.

I like to workout.  I used to work out too much and eat too little which has caused me a lot of problems.  These days though I’m happy to workout anywhere from 3-5 days a week without stressing about it.

I enjoy lifting weights, yoga, and high intensity circuit type workouts.  I do a lot of GPP and Zuzka Light workouts.  For yoga, I love Tara Stiles videos on youtube:)

I dislike body shaming and the over-sexualization of women and girls that’s so prevalent in the media.

I dislike factory farming, GMOs, Monsanto, littering, and close-mindedness.

On a lighter note, I believe in being happy and laughing a lot.  I fully support pulling (harmless) pranks on people, especially my husband.

I believe in compassion and being kind.

I believe in holistic healing.

I love to see the meerkats at the zoo.  This is a photo from a time I climbed into the meerkat exhibit at the zoo.  At least I wish it was.  This photo is just an illusion created by my talented photographer friend, Rachel.  She knows how much I love them.


I like books, netflix, and chipotle.

And I absolutely love my husband.

This is a more recent picture of us.  We shaved our heads to fight childhood cancer. Amazing experience.

This is a more recent picture of us. We shaved our heads to fight childhood cancer. Amazing experience.



I Hope you find something you like while you are here.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. This is my first time reading [saw your link on HFF]! I loveee all of the foods you say yes to, but I also cannot resist a sweet treat 😛 Your husband and you look absolutely precious!

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