Would You Rather…


It has been way too long since I’ve posted.  I have no excuse really.  I have a good amount of free time usually, Mr. K didn’t eat my computer, and my fingers are still attached to my body.  I guess I will just blame it on getting into Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix (I’m a little late to the party, I know).  Yeah, it’s Grey’s fault; because they killed Denny.  How am I supposed to do anything else after watching that?

Alright, let’s stop blaming tv shows and just ease back into things with a fun survey that I saw on Clare’s blog:) Thanks for the fun idea, Clare!

Would You Rather….

  • Speak another language or get higher degree?
  • Definitely speak another language.  That’s practically like getting a degree in itself:)
  • Have a beautiful singing voice or be a fantastic dancer?
  • Dancer, definitely.  Taking a dance class is on my list of things I want to do!
  • Be a CEO of a huge company or run your own small business?
  • This is a tough one.  I’m going to go with small business because I like smaller local businesses, but there are definitely pros to running a big business.  You can reach more people.
  • Fly like a bird or teleport?
  • Teleport of course!
  • Eat only sweet food or only salty food for the rest of your life?
  • Hmmm I’m more of a salty food person (hello, pretzels, peanut butter, tahini, and hummus) but I’d go with sweet because I can eat fruit and not get sick of it:)
  • Do yoga or lift weights?
  • Love both!  But I’ll go with weights.
  • Be a SUPER fast runner be SUPER strong?
  • Be super strong!
  • Have 8 kids or no kids?
  • Undecided:)  I come from a family of 8 kids though and love it!
  • Have a small, older home with character or design a big brand new home?
  • Hmm I’ll go with older home-I’m terrible at design!
  • Watch the Today Show or Good Morning America?
  • I’ve always watched the today show but ever since that whole thing with Ann Curry I’m not as big a fan.  Willie Geist and Hoda are cool though.
  • Watch only sports or watch only BRAVO?
  • Can I say neither?  Both drive me a little nuts:)
  • Cook a romantic dinner at home or go to the nicest restaurant in town?
  • Romantic dinner at home, definitely.  Especially if Dom makes it.
  • Drink beer or wine?
  • I don’t drink, so I’ll go with Kombucha!
  • Eat cookies or eat cake?
  • Cookies crushed into almond milk:)
  • Have only brothers or have only sisters?
  • I can’t answer this.  I have both and love both.  I could never choose one or the other!
  • Go to Africa or Asia?
  • Africa, definitely!
  • Eat sweet potato fries or regular fries?
  • Both are great but I’m going to go with regular white potato wedges! (with a homemade tomato dip)
  • Own an SUV or a sports car?
  • I guess I’d go with SUV, just because you can fit more people/things in it for trips.
  • Have a personal chef or a personal trainer?
  • Personaly chef because I bet I would learn a lot from them!
  • Sleep for 9 hours every night but no coffee, or sleep for 6 hours a night and have coffee?
  • I’ll go for the 9 hours.  No coffee for this girl!
  • Read a book or watch a movie?
  • If I’m alone, read a book.  Otherwise, I love cuddling up with Dom to watch a movie.
  • Live on the east coast or west coast?
  • I love love love Seattle and I’d probably love a lot of things about California (hello fresh produce)!  But I’ve never been to the East Coast I might love it too:)
  • Have your toenails painted or your fingernails painted?
  • Toenails.  I can go a long time with bare fingernails.  But I prefer to have something pretty to look when it comes to my feet:)
  • Go to the beach or the mountains?
  • Love both but I’ll go for lounging at the beach.

Your turn!  Answer any or all of these questions of these questions in the comments or post them on your blog if you have one!

Be back soon!  I promise!