Calling Out the Mainstream Media #1

First of all, thank you for all the sweet words after Thursday’s post.  I felt so loved and supported!

I mentioned briefly in that post that I got the idea to cut my calories in the first place from the mainstream media.  Low calorie diets are touted all over the place from magazines to the news to talk shows.  EVERYWHERE.  As I’ve learned over the past couple of years, cutting calories is not the way to an all around healthy life.  It’s not the most important factor when trying to lose weight.  It’s not the way to happiness.  It’s really just a bad idea.  Our bodies are not calculators.  The numbers we put into our bodies are not the secret.  The actual food and ingredients and nutrients we put into are body is what really matters.  And of course getting enough of that good food plays a major role!

With that being said, I’ve been thinking a lot lately (over the past year or so) but especially over the last few weeks about what terrible advice the mainstream media gives to us as the audience.  It’s not just the bad health advice they give.  It’s also the importance they put on beauty and looking/dressing a certain way over being a genuinely good and interesting human being.  It’s the emphasis they put on body parts instead of the person as a whole.  It gets old.  So I’ve decided to start doing posts hopefully once a week or once every couple weeks where I either debunk some “health” advice found in the mainstream media or call them out for being so materialistic.

For this week, I want to talk about a part of this clip from Matt Lauer’s interview with Pippa Middleton from Monday, June 30th.  (the part I’m talking about is at 2:40)

You might remember that after the royal wedding, Pippa became a pretty big deal.  Actually, just her backside.   I remember a lot of “news” segments on talk shows and photos in magazines being all about how great her bum looked in her bridesmaids dress.  Umm…what?!

That’s what your going to talk about?

The part of the video that I find so annoying is when Matt asks her about all of this.  He says “…people started talking about you…and how your dress fit.”  If I were being interviewed on a big news show, I would feel very embarrassed to be asked this question by anyone let alone a man.  It’s just not appropriate in my opinion.  I totally would have said something letting him know that I had no interest in talking about how my “dress fit” with him. It’s just not important.  It’s so sad to me that in most cases when a woman is interviewed it’s all about what she eats, what exercises she does, how she is a sex symbol.  I don’t know much about Pippa but she seems like a friendly and smart person; one who isn’t looking to be asked about this sort of thing.  Of course this wasn’t all they discussed but the fact that it was even part of the interview is crazy to me although not surprising.  That’s how our society is-we value looks and beauty over brains, heart, and talent.

Today Show, I used to like you a lot but you just keep letting me down more and more these days.  Not because you’ve changed but because I’ve changed and grown up.  If only you could too:)

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